Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on improve child’s occupations that are not limited to play, feeding, socialization, school-based tasks, home chores and so forth. However, a child with special needs might struggle in these areas due to decreased ability to communicate wants and needs, sensory integration dysfunction, visual-perceptual difficulties, diminished cognitive processes, learning disabilities, emotional-psychological disturbance and so on. Therefore, pediatric occupational therapy usually treats:

Sensory Integration Approach:

Vestibular | Proprioceptive | Gravitational
Tactile | Visual | Oral | Auditory | Attention

Play – Socialization Skills

Feeding and Nutrition

Carry Out

Dressing | Oral Hygiene | Bathing | Toileting

School-Based Activities

Visual Perceptual Skills

Cognitive Processing

Fine-Gross Motor Skills

Behavior Techniques